Sunday, August 30, 2009


Now im gonna talk about Mitton .. and for those of you who dont kno what mitton is you must be insane ... lols .. you see Camp Mitton is a camp in Brewster Cape Cod where the childern that attend it are children who have been abused and put through alot .. now not all the children that go there have been through thing like that ... now when i had decided to go to mitton i told myself i was gonna go down there and help effect the lives of children like i was .. Lil did i know i would be effected by these kids as well .. you see i met some of the coolest, unique, unforgettable kids down there (ie Bishop, Darrell, Nwyton, Dionte, JJ, Adrian, Joe) ... each kid left me i aww .. the reason is because ive had some deep conversation with the majority of the kids and i saw how life had work'd and how it sometime repeated .. NO not repeated but was actually a circle .. now i say this because alot of the things the kids went through I myself went through .. now i understand some people are angry or upset about where I will be this time next year but i just want to say that I choose mitton bc there i can impact the lives of kids and still be impacted because life to me is
helping out those who need to helped and if i haven't learned anything so far in life is that EVERYONE can be helped/impacted bc at mitton its not just the counsler/staff helping the campers but also the campers helping
impacting our lives because they remind
us of some of the things we've endured ....

i was fortunate to meet this kid first session .. and is one of the 2 reason why i will be returning to mitton ... this kid has left a lasting impression on my heart and all i can think of was wen i was in a bad mode one day at camp and Lisa had walked up to me and handed me a letter and it was from bishop and just readin what he wrote light up my face and as im actually written this im gettin a lil water in my eyes just remeberin the things hes endured and remeberin the nite he came up to me gave me a hug and start'd to cry and when i ask'd him what was the matter was that he was gonna miss me and want'd me to promis i was comin back next year ......

HE is the other reason to why im goin back to mitton ... he was my kid .. might sound crazy but he was my kid ... this kid was probley one of the toughest kid there that session on the first day but by the end of the 3rd day i saw the true Darrell .. A person stuck in between a kid and a thug ... darrell first opened up to me one day on the basketball court when we were speakin about things that i was shocked to know he knew about but at the same time felt kinda weird bc for some odd reason it felt like deja vu .. but instead of me listenin to the story of how he knew it was me telling the story .. Darrel (grandpa D) was an exact image of me when i was his age ... i cant wait to see how he grows bc this kid will go far in life ....